We have always been fascinated by the seasons. After all, it is not only landscapes that change, but also feelings – and the dreams associated with them. Especially in the darker months, we give free rein to our fantasies. The longing for sunshine hibernates with us. Summer dreams that will come true. 

We cordially invite you to accompany us on a journey of perception in this journal. We take a look at what changes in the weather bring. We prick up our ears at the sound of returning birds. Familiar smells and tastes are in our noses and on our tongues. Together we reach for summer  – and hold on to it. 

Where could you sharpen your senses more comfortably than with Garpa furniture? On the following pages, we present an exclusive selection from our Collection. Favourite pieces that bring summer to your home. Lean back – with the Newcastle Set, on the Bolero recliner or on the lounge furniture of the Newhaven series – and dream with us. 

It's your summer and it starts now. 

The quickening of spring

Even in the colder months, gardens are places of encounter, but we meet ourselves more often than others. We breathe mistily into the air and veil the evening glow. The curtain of the sky opens. Eager anticipations not yet apparent, crystalise out of the morning dew. The dream spectacle unfolds and accompanies us into the night. 

We dream of the last stone we skipped across the water, and follow it. Up and down it goes. Over frozen lakes and auspicious messages in bottles. Towards the birds that have flown away. They will return. With determined wing beats and a summery tailwind. Accompanied by heavenly song. 

Nose-prints immortalised on window panes – a testimony to our longing. Soon we will drink the first coffee of the day outdoors. The thought of steady sunshine warms us. The ice melts. Drop by drop. 

The river of life nourishes itself. It grows and thrives, sprouts and bubbles, sparkles and tingles, flowing into spring. 

Newcastle Refuge of wellbeing

A favourite that brings pleasure to every season: the Newcastle Set with integrated summer canopy protects against wind and weather, provides shelter and shade, and is characterised by comfort and a talent for combination. Home office and creative breaks alternate in the the beach chair until the day’s end can be enjoyed in pleasant company. The accessories included in the delivery promise further comfort. 


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Dreaming of summer

It will come. The day when it all begins again. The sun will shine, colours will glow, and it will be as if someone has repainted the world.

The one day, on which everything will weigh a little less. The air will be soft, and  lighter. It will smell of flowers. Of freshly mown grass.

And in the moment when the first rays of sunlight tickle our noses, it will be as if it had never been gone.

Summer is coming. We will be there. 

Bolero Casual lightness

The tubular construction made of satin-finished stainless steel, cushions all that is essential – a comfortable seat which, like the backrest, is made of ergonomically shaped teak slats. In a modern interpretation of Bauhaus aesthetics, the Bolero series meets the highest design requirements. Lean back and enjoy the feeling of gently curving security. Cushions in various designs enhance comfort. 

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Symphony of the season

Summer is more than a season.
Summer is the joy of life.

Days that flow as smoothly as honey. Nights that are too beautiful to close our eyes. Summer is vastness when the sky becomes a roof. A huge, bright space for a thousand possibilities.

What seems heavy to us, feels lighter. It brings us together and gives us serenity. It is endless blue and warm gold. 

Summer begins at home. 

Newhaven Luxurious lounge furniture

Create individual retreats and inviting arrangements with Newhaven. Shared characteristics of the lounge furniture are frames made of high-quality teak, fabric-covered seats, and the pleasantly soft cushions adorned with luxurious piping. The recognition value of the series however, must be personally experienced – incomparable comfort in abundance. 

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Celebrating home

The best summer is always the one ahead, as we say at Garpa. This is a belief we would like to extend. To spring, autumn and winter. Seeking shade in bright sunshine and wishing for autumn air, missing the comfort of winter months when summer thirsts for action, and sighing for April weather during dry spells – these, too, are summer dreams. 

Dreams satisfy longings, create meaning and are unfathomable. Only a fraction of them are actually realised – sometimes we don't even share them with the people who appear in them. It is different with summer dreams. We know which season awaits us, and when and how we would like to experience it. Firmly defined ideas that include friends and family. And places. 

Certainly, we see one or two holiday destinations. But we spend most of the year at home. In cosy interiors and in the garden, in the outdoor refuge. Interiors and exteriors ask to be designed according to seasonal moods. 

To help you in this, for you to experience just how Garpa furniture and accessories provide joy for generations – this is our summer dream. 

Fontenay Elegant classics

Teak slats that accommodate the body and harmonise perfectly with the powder-coated steel frames – this is the hallmark of Fontenay. The series flagship, the armchair that is considered the prototype of the garden chair, has now found perfection in its reinvention by Garpa. Over the decades, the illustrious Fontenay family has gained exclusive additions that are waiting to be discovered by you. 


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