Special opportunities for indoor and outdoor use

Discover our products and accessories for furnishing favourite spots in the garden and cosy retreats in the winter garden and living rooms.

Garden furniture Immediately available

A selected compilation of our immediately available collections.

Immediately available

Classics at special prices

Individual favourites from our range which we no longer present in our main catalogue are offered here at attractive special prices. The selection from various classic collections is usually available for immediate delivery.


Individual Pieces of our garden furniture

Selected furniture and accessories for new favourite places in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.

Garden furniture single pieces

Interior furniture as individual pieces

Elegant garden furniture is always in season. It also creates an extraordinary ambience indoors.

Interior individual pieces

Garden Furniture with slight visual defects

These items show minor signs of use, but these have no effect on their functionality. Due to the limited number of items, ordering is only possible online.

Garden furniture

Interior Furniture with slight signs of wear

The functionality of these items is not affected by the slight signs of use. Ordering is only possible online due to the limited number of items.

Interior furniture