General Terms and Conditions for Switzerland


All prices mentioned here are in Swiss Francs (SFr), including value added tax. For deliveries within Switzerland, these prices include all costs for postage, packing and freight; in other words, shipment of all our items to your address is free of any additional charges. With an order from SFr 4,500 we grant a discount of 5%, and from SFr 9,000 a discount of 10% is given. The discount is based on these amounts for a single order which also applies to all subsequent orders made within a two-year period. We reserve the right to determine deliverability and to modify prices. Please appreciate that we cannot be held liable for errors in price quotations.

Purchase on account

You can generally pay on account or against advance payment. Our invoices are due within five days after receipt of the invoice. In individual cases, we reserve the right to choose the method of payment and payment processing. The merchandise shall remain our property until final payment has been made. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Zurich. 

Sales order confirmation

We confirm receipt of each order by letter, fax or email.


Delivery will be effected within 2-3 weeks after order placement and free of charge to your address. In general, you should receive small articles and items which will be delivered by parcel service within the course of one week. Due to the current situation, longer delivery times may apply. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us for any special requirements regarding delivery times.


Almost all pieces of furniture are delivered completely assembled. Whatever has not been put together by our craftsmen will be assembled on site, with all packing material taken back by Garpa.


All our products come with a statutory two-year warranty. For all furniture and umbrellas, we guarantee for a full five years from the date of delivery that there are no defects in materials or workmanship, and we will otherwise remedy these free of charge in the case of normal private use. This even applies for ten years to the structural durability of non-folding furniture. 

Unlimited right to return

As a private consumer, you have an unrestricted right to return an item within four weeks after receiving the complete delivery. Please contact us regarding the free pick-up. We are sure you understand that specially and individually manufactured items are exempt from this policy.

Deliveries abroad

We will gladly deliver to all holiday areas in Europe. Please enquire by phone about procedures and freight surcharges.

Redeeming promotion vouchers

Promotional vouchers for orders placed by telephone or in the Garpa online shop are part of promotional campaigns and are issued with a voucher code, e.g. by email in a newsletter or by letter. The following conditions must be observed when redeeming a voucher:

  • A promotion voucher can only be redeemed in conjunction with a voucher code.
  • Only one promotion voucher may be redeemed per order.
  • A promotion voucher cannot be combined with other campaigns or our our SALE offers.
  • Promotion vouchers cannot be paid in cash.
  • Promotion vouchers are only valid during the campaign period indicated and cannot be redeemed at a later date.

In the case of the complete cancellation of a purchase or complete withdrawal from an order for which a voucher has been used, we are authorised to send the purchaser a voucher corresponding to the value of the voucher used in the order and, if applicable, to reimburse the purchase price minus the value of the voucher.

In the case of the partial cancellation of a purchase or partial withdrawal from an order for which a voucher has been used, we will act accordingly.


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10th Mai 2023