Garden Furniture Collections

You will find here an overview of the most popular garden furniture series in our product line.

Valencia Dining

The graceful chairs and benches of the modern teak furniture series welcome you to pleasant gatherings. New in the collection: modern corner benches for both large and small groups. 

Valencia Dining

Valencia Lounge

New dimensions in ease and serenity with spacious lounge furniture and luxurious cushioning. The various teak elements of the Valencia series can be combined as desired. 

Valencia Lounge

Luton Armchair

Our exclusive new model made entirely of teak, is ergonomically shaped. The Luton armchair offers ample scope for individual design, is remarkably light, and can be stacked.


Fontenay Collection

Everything invites you to a celebration of summer: an open house and peerlessly beautiful garden furniture that combines the best of past and present. It brings the flair of the Belle Époque to new radiance.


Bowen Collection

Free choice of seating: a single movement suffices, and they unfold their charms. Foldables have all the advantages of a classic teak chair – and what is more, talent for improvisation.


Cavo Collection

Laid-back lifestyle for people who are looking for inspiration, and interpret open spaces in an individual way: Italian design, turned teak wood and a new type of weatherproof cord create an elegant scenario.


Benton Collection

Here teak wood is used to great effect in an unconventional way. A stainless steel crosspiece gleams in a supporting role and comfortable upholstery is already integrated in the design of the armchair.


Bolero Teak Collection

Inspired by Bauhaus: the Bolero cantilever chairs are a weatherproof homage to everlasting classics of the modern era. Tried and tested for years, they enhance timelessly beautiful outdoor spaces with supple support and luxurious comfort.

Bolero Teak

Bolero Fabric Collection

Breezy summer collection with a modern twist: Bolero fabric reinterprets the classic cantilever chair and matching lounger in a new design. Comfortable garden furniture combines the best of high-quality polymer fabric and satin stainless steel.

Bolero Fabric

Pan Collection

Effortlessly light: filigree garden furniture made of stainless steel inspires dreams of summer. The distinctive lacing made of a synthetic fibre appears delicate, yet it is enormously resilient. 


Pan Fabric Collection

New materials for a modern summer fairytale: Pan’s stainless steel frames guarantee robust parameters for the shift in style. The weatherproof fabric interprets the iconic design in a surprisingly different way.

Pan Fabric

Temper Collection

Strong colours are naturally vibrant. The extravagant contours of the Temper series of armchairs, tables and matching accessories reflect the glow of luminous summer days. Colours of earth, wood, and stone blend naturally with every garden landscape.


Loreto New Collection

The linear design idiom of the aluminium lounge furniture offers comfortable support. The upholstery of the armchairs and multi-seaters combines exclusive design with colour-coordinated piping. Matching tables with ceramic tops complete elegant ensembles. 


Newcastle Collection

Dream destination and private retreat: the teak solitaire is a new interpretation of the beach chair – set to invite you on a luxurious voyage of discovery.


Derry Collection

On the sun-drenched terrace, classic teak and modern fabrics combine their qualities: graceful armchairs induce an exhilarating sense of freedom.


Trey Collection

Purists, too, appreciate relaxed comfort: table and benches in a straight-lined design provide plenty of space. They guarantee comfort to which nothing can be added – or at the most, a few cushions.


Newhaven Collection

Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled, so it is said: in the soft cushions of the luxurious Newhaven teak seat on runners, there is space for two to indulge in delightful moments of leisure.


Morgans Bay Collection

Outdoor living: comfortable lounge furniture takes shape as individual design objects and blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Morgans Bay


Creating a sense of security under high blue skies and ensuring pleasant temperatures at all times. With poles, made of high-quality hardwood or aluminium, and easy-care coverings, our parasols harmonise with many furnishing styles. 


Garden Seats Collection

Bench seats are welcoming at the front door, an invitation to linger in flowery nooks, and are vantage points and eye-catchers alike.

Garden Seats

Cushion Chests

The cushions and upholstery for garden furniture can be stored here safely from dirt and moisture. The high-quality cushion chests made of teak or easy-care synthetic resin are superbly handcrafted and available in various sizes. 

Cushion Chests


Cushion chests in sizes M and L, a multifunctional chest seat, and practical shelves – the Aven collection combines the best of synthetic resin and teak and sets beautifully harmonious accents outdoors.