Attuned to nature: Sunlight and shadow trace fine patterns on the warm stone paving. The chairs seem to have been delicately strung for this play of light alone. However, the distinctive lacing, through which Pan allows glimpses of the garden, is enormously resilient. 

Minimalism outlives all fashion: Pan chairs are reminiscent of timeless design icons. Their lucid lines create an impression of graphic grace.

The stackable lightweights are strung with high-quality synthetic fibre, laced in such a fashion as to appear almost three dimensional, and aligning perfectly with body contours. The covering retains its shape even when permanently in use.

Pan is available with and without armrests, and also as a Highback with matching stool.


Take a break by the pool

Blue skies: carefree times and light days. Translucent furniture, reminiscent of design icons, holds summer delightfully suspended. The lacing seems so delicate, but it actually possesses great resilience.

REFINED requisite

Minimalists take pleasure in clear pristine lines, but they too, appreciate comfort. For example, a lounger, the model of which was perhaps the simple stroke of a pen. 

Here, that was all the designer needed – a single graceful curve as the basis for his creation: a lounger focussed on the essential, promising pure relaxation.

Puristic, too is its folding down completely flat when sunbathing is over. The supple synthetic fibres adapt to body contours and are enormously resilient. The backrest is adjustable to five positions, including a perfectly horizontal one. A further sophistication: upholstery with comfortable neck bolster.


The colour is highly rated among designers and particularly suits modern architecture.

In the Pan series too, the grey on grey palette is attractive – especially in harmonious contrast with the warm teak accents of the versatile Portland tables.

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