Favourite places with personal characteristics

In peace and quiet. Just the family. Or the best company. Open for everything. Or secluded in reverie. There are places to which we are magically drawn. There we find comfortable furniture welcoming us, situations in which everything simply feels right. We would like to show you a few of these.

Wonderful moments, that are everlasting.

With furniture distinguished by superb craftsmanship that will endure for generations. Designed with forms that elude the fashionable and are imbued with a classic modernity that will always be up to date – and above all, made of high-quality materials possessed of durability that will assuredly withstand the unrestrained play of a child or a turbulent garden party.

The Benton series is a good example of these intrinsic and unequivocal values. Seamlessly elegant, and as if made of one piece, creative inspiration finds expression in the sleek and open lines of the design. On looking closer or by simply taking a seat, the attention to detail is immediately apparent – the design is as sophisticated as it is strong, and the comfortable upholstery dries very quickly should the furniture be caught in a shower of rain.  

And so, in no time at all, Benton could become a firm favourite – in which the entire Garpa philosophy is united. Here the harmony of form and function, and in particular the ease with which a terrace or a solitaire in the garden then becomes the perfect extension of the living room, is indeed felicitous. This is uncompromising comfort and superb design, worthy of unreserved appreciation. 

For Garpa, family always means responsibility – also for the planet. The teak wood we use is certified and comes exclusively from plantations. Sustainability also includes the extremely long lifespan of our furniture, which our customers and their children, and grandchildren can expect to enjoy, together with a generous guarantee and the assurance of being able to order replacement parts even after a long time – fast, friendly, and uncomplicated.

Combinations that are just right

Whoever hears the friendly voice of Katja Appiah on the telephone, is already looking forward to the furniture that will soon be enhancing their garden or terrace. ‘It is a pleasure to work in Garpa’s Customer Service Department – after all, I deal with people who, in most cases, are full of happy anticipation’, says Katja Appiah, who has detailed knowledge of each and every product, and can be relied on to answer all questions concerning selection and delivery with assuring competence – and with infectious enthusiasm, especially when it comes to particulars of the colours and weave of the new cushion collection. ‘I am also quite often present during consultations and I help to put together combinations that harmonise visually as well as spatially. Fortunately, I am also able to offer free deliveries to view – that is a great advantage.’ 

Katja has been part of our marketing family for a long time, and has already passed her enthusiasm for Garpa on to the next generation – her daughter Louisa is now in the Communications Department team, where she is developing ideas of how to convincingly present products, which in reality feel so good, in a digital form. 

Do both of them have a favourite product? Of course – at the moment it is the Valencia Lounge series they rave about. Why? ‘Naturally, as mother and daughter, we have different tastes’, says Louisa, ‘but the eye-catching, yet simple design of Valencia works across the generations, and it is immediately apparent that the wide seats must be very comfortable.’ 

Bauhaus and metal - unifying dissidence

Seeing and feeling are separate sensations. When both are in accord, perfect harmony is the result. 

My favourite places are structured and have a clear layout that perhaps has to do with my profession’, laughs Spyridon Zervas, who is responsible for the Controlling Department. His passion is for lucid, straight-lined design and a subtly furnished, airy atmosphere. His artistic preference is for classic modernism with its minimalist stylistic idiom. 

He likes it best of all, when after work he can enjoy his reading outdoors – with a pile of books on the table and comfortable armrests on his chair for relaxed sitting. The design principles of the Bauhaus were the inspiration for the design of Bolero, a series that combines the smooth gleam of stainless steel with the natural wooden surfaces of teak slats.

‘However, what is really fascinating’, he adds, ‘is the transition from two-dimensional geometry to the three-dimensional object.’ Each individual slat of the seat and backrest is ergonomically shaped and ensures optimal seating comfort. ‘City life is fast, and so it is all the more important that outdoor spaces in which this rhythm can be slowed down, are designed by you. Personally, in my surroundings I do not want sensory overload, but timeless forms and a carefully structured layout that focuses on the essential.’ 

Exquisite moments

The design of the garden is perhaps the most interesting task you can set yourself – because in spite of all creative imaginings, this particular piece of earth likes to do some hands-on work itself. The weather remains unpredictable, the plants direct their growth as they see fit, and suddenly there is a nest in a bush that was to be moved. These, the usual vicissitudes of nature can also be welcomed and understood as unexpected good fortune – this is what the book I am currently reading in my favourite place behind the house, is all about. Also, the pleasure of gardening does not end with the laying out of flowerbeds and borders – what furnishings will you be able to find for your personal outdoor sitting room that are in accord with your taste and the place? 

It is exactly this topic that has fascinated Kerstin Trott from Garpa’s Marketing Department, for years now. She herself, has found the ideal solution in Fontenay. Elegant, clear lines, reminiscent of the classics that once graced the villa gardens of the nineteenth century – but with the superlative comfort made possible by modern craftmanship. Each teak slat is individually shaped for perfect seating comfort, and the smooth folding mechanism makes winter storage quick and uncomplicated. ‘Thanks to the wonderful material, teak, the season can be deliciously prolonged’, says a delighted Kerstin. ‘The rain, so vital for the plants, cannot damage the furniture.’ 

When ideas flourish

Because I really love to work with my hands – cutting back plants, potting up seedlings – the Potting Bench has very quickly become my favourite place in the garden’. For Maike Graalmann, her property is also her outdoor workroom, and because plants are always in bloom on her zinc covered work surface, this is a perfectly natural aspect of the garden layout. 

‘What are in expansive park landscapes the visual axes and focal points, are in smaller spaces plant containers, climbing supports, and decorative elements’, she explains. And of course, her own garden is above all, an area of peace and quiet – perfect for relaxing after a long hard day. For her, the size of the garden is not paramount – with careful observation of the sun’s progress, it is possible that even in the late afternoon, a sunny niche can be found for a lounger.