THE GARDEN a festival

In 2019 we celebrated an anniversary: 40 years of Garpa. That means enthusiasm and passion for the garden in all its many aspects – as a place of meeting, repose, and pleasure. We welcome you to the world of Garpa.

Houses with history.
Gardens with character.
People with passion.
Furniture with prospects.

From the outset, timeless beauty has always been the guiding principle for the style of our furniture, and over the decades this has significantly contributed to Garpa acquiring many friends. People who enjoy life outdoors – in all kinds of weather. With garden furniture that withstands rain and storms and that with time develops its own unmistakeable character.

In retrospect, this unique trait, so characteristic of Garpa, was evident in the company’s very first products: a traditional stylistic idiom that does not become mired in nostalgia, but adeptly transports the proven and tested into the present, so that one might look forward to enjoying it well in the future.

A SUMMER PARTY in the country

The occasion is a celebration. The long, resplendent table awaits. The setting is the Garpa villa in Escheburg near Hamburg, our headquarters since 1979. The residence is the heart and soul of our company, surrounded by a wonderful garden that generations have watched grow and blossom.

For the delights of the table. For great celebrations and joyful occasions. For memorable moments and congenial company.

A festive table, out in the country or on the terrace, where people can gather, initiates something between friends, colleagues and families. It is steadfast – and a focal point that captivates one and all. People take time for each other, elaborate ideas, recall things past, and look to the future. Let us speak of Garpa …

CELEBRATING 40 years of Garpa

Have a look behind the scenes at Garpa. Here we introduce people who have dedicated themselves with great passion and commitment to the matter of gardens and their stylish furnishing.