SANDVIG Collection

There are landscapes designed for living in: where we can sit down, lean back, sprawl out, allow room for happiness and joy - and be completely at home with ourselves in any position.

Excellent prospects

Irresistible invitation: every Sandvig indoor lounge is an island of sumptuous comfort. Its design is defined alone by its occupants, the different pieces of this versatile collection offer plenty of room for personality - from stand-alone piece to individual living landscape.

The excellent craftsmanship from the Bielefelder Werkstätten make for relaxed sitting or reclining, the sumptuous upholstery  skilfully adapts to the contours of your body.

A modern design complemented by balanced proportions and organic structures add a nonchalant sculptural character to this lounge collection. Side tables featuring round glass tops along with tapered bases in black or grey enhance this ensemble.

The gift of being perfectly combinable is a delightful quality. A gift that the impressive Sandvig lounge furniture features to a high degree.

Armchair, sofa, longchair, footstool, cushions and many other elements can be combined freely and reinterpreted again and again. All modules rest on a frame of solid ash and are upholstered in a rich velour fabric tailored by hand. 

The brilliant colours also correspond perfectly with the aquamarine, amber and quartz shades of the Mandø armchairs and benches.



At your convenience: the shapes and colours inherent to the modular system of the Sandvig collection offer multifarious possible combinations.

Layout example colour Quartz

1 x Sofa 180 | 2 x Armchairs | 1 x Longchair

1 x Side Table Round Ø 40 / Ø 60 each

Layout example colour Amber

1 x Sofa 220 with armrest right | 1 x Footstool

1 x Sofa 180 with armrest right | 2 x Lounge Chair

1 x Side Table Round Ø 40 / Ø 60 each 

Layout example colour Aquamarine

1 x Sofa 180 with armrest right |  2 x Lounge Chair

1 x Footstool | 1 x Sofa 220 with armrests

1 x Side Table Round Ø 40 / Ø 60 each

Layout example colour Quartz

1 x Sofa 220 with armrest left | 1 x Corner Element

1 x Sofa 180 | 1 x Sofa 220 with armrests

1 x Footstool | 1 x Side Table Round Ø 40

2 x Side Tables Round Ø 60

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