The conservatory becomes a hall of mirrors. But also the splendour of the summer garden finds its precious frame.

Mirrors with teak frames

Mirrors give rooms a new appearance, both indoors and outdoors. Beauty magically reduplicates. The mirrors are available in various sizes and formats and can be hung up indoors or outdoors. The high-quality teak frames are equipped with drip edges, but we would nevertheless recommend putting them up in a dry, protected place on the wall of the house or under the eaves.

Fascino Mirror Vertical wide

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tall and narrow, tall and wide, narrow and horizontal: a choice of three different shapes and formats is available. The teak frames are fitted with shelves that provide space for individual decoration and turn every mirror into a display.

Fascino Mirror Horizontal

Cendo Ceramic Vases

This is how accessories show themselves at their best.

Double joy

Favourite pieces get a twin; vases showcase flower decorations in their full splendour. Some vases are halved, but can be filled with water as usual. Mirrored, they become a well-rounded affair. Their flat back allows them to stand directly against a mirror. Magnets on the vase and behind the mirror keep the vases firmly in place.

Cendo Ceramic Vases

Fascino & Cendo

Mirrors & Vases