Precious sculptures: in our new category titled GarpART, we present individually conceived works by various artists. The bronzes of dogs and insects, perhaps in unexpected guise, are produced in limited editions. We will also show specially selected pieces of furniture from our collection – distinguished by innovative materials and design.

Bee & Dragonfly Sculptures in bronze and antique glass

Little primer of entomology: the Hamburg-based artist and goldsmith Sabine Klarner, is well known for highly imaginative pieces of jewelry made of gold, silver, and gemstones. For Garpa she has created two denizens of the air – simultaneously intricate and robust, with bodies made of bronze and wings of grey antique glass.

Bee and Dragonfly

Limited Edition

exclusively for Garpa

Bronze dogs Rhea, Cicero, Artemis

Dogs are spirited creatures and enjoy being active. Something the Hamburg based sculptor Irina Wege well knows – they certainly don’t hold a pose for very long. However as a trained observer, she has the ability to retain impressions and details, grasp the intrinsic nature of each individual and bring it to finished form in her studio.

The limited edition is, unfortunately, completely sold out.

Bronze dogs


The unconventional chairs of the Temper series have emerged from a complex manufacturing process, and the combination of cast connecting elements and beautiful stainless steel details that unfold in a flawless play of hues and lines. 

Temper collection

Pan Black

Minimalism outlives all fashion.The Pan Black Edition with its arresting combination of materials and hues, is available exclusively from Garpa in a limited edition of only 99 pieces. The Pan chairs unite lightness with stability and purism with comfort.

Pan Black