Strong colours are naturally vibrant. They are intensified by the sun. The extravagant contours of the Temper series reflect the glow of luminous summer days.


Charismatic appeal

The blue of sea and sky mingle in the subtle sheen of the woven cords in the backs and armrests of the Temper chairs. The shifting hues of the anodised aluminium frames are, by contrast, evocative of fine champagne. They are manufactured in a complex process, and have cast connecting elements and fine stainless steel details that interact in a flawless play of lines. Webbing reinforced seats in a harmonising fabric ensure a perfect fit. Temper tables have straight edges and round corners. A new variation combines the shimmer of anodised surfaces with the natural appearance of teak.

Colours of earth, wood, and stone blend naturally with every garden landscape.

These shades appear in the brown of the cord, twining together and woven onto shimmering anodised aluminium, giving Temper the appearance of being both light-footed and grounded. Shifting patterns of sunlight create special effects. The high-quality cord dries quickly after a summer shower. Nice that so much elegance can be effortlessly stacked. Up to four armchairs fit almost seamlessly on top of each other. The matching tables with slightly projecting sides provide ample leg room – or comfortable space for guests at top and end placings. Glass or ceramic tops are available in matching colours. Portland tables with anodised legs, also make a stylish combination.

Decorative accessories

Weatherproof floor lamps and side tables woven with cord enhance the series in both colour worlds.

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