Drop anchor, enjoy the fresh air, and let your thoughts turn to a stroll by the shore or a sailing trip over sparkling waters: lavishly upholstered teak furniture in lounge format evokes maritime themes.


Sandy colours, nuances of blue, and an airy atmosphere – here a breath of the sea greets the senses, even when the lounge is firmly positioned far from the coast.

Sandy colours, shades of blue, airy atmosphere – the sea beckons, even in a garden setting. The frames of the lounge furniture are made of teak wood; the seats have a perfectly fitting fabric covering. The luxurious cushions and the padded bolsters that serve as armrests have piped seams of contrasting colour. A single armchair alone makes a cosy refuge. Side and coffee tables made of teak are a stylish addition.

Harmonious togetherness

Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled, so it is said – also when rocking: in the soft cushions of the teak seat on runners, there is space for two to indulge in delightful moments of leisure.

Lean back and gently rock in comfort: the proven qualities of Garpa’s garden seat and rocking chair are raised to a higher power when combined. The two-seater is perfect for sharing happy moments and enjoying cosy comfort side by side. Newhaven pampers with a shoulder-high backrest and an especially deep seat. Classic teak keeps things grounded and elegant design ensures soothing motion. Should you happen to have both seats to yourself, you can stretch out, put your feet up, and tuck a soft cushion under your head.

Alone or preferably the two of you – in the rocking chair made of teak everyone finds their individual rhythm.

One quick movement is enough, and you gently sink deep into the cushions. The shoulder-high backrest too, is designed for reclining and letting go. Soft, additional feather cushions make pleasure complete. The solitaire of the Newhaven family harmonises beautifully with other Garpa teak series. A narrow strip of synthetic material beneath the runners protects sensitive flooring.

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