Innovations of the Garpa Collection 2021

We open the season with an exclusive ensemble: flexible furniture made of modern materials and in new designs, augments the Garpa range, versatile accessories create further possibilities. An overview of our innovations ...

Newcastle Beach Chair

Dream destination and private retreat: the teak solitaire is a new interpretation of the Beach Chair – set to invite you on a luxurious voyage of discovery.


Derry Armchairs

Welcome in free-floating mode: the day is mild, the air clear. The fragrance of Mediterranean pines and freshly mown English lawns mingle in the summer breeze. And on the terrace classic teak and modern fabrics unite their special qualities: armchairs with a clear and linear silhouette conjure up a feeling of lightness.


Birdhouse Villa

Garpa’s headquarters in miniature format: now an attraction for garden birds in the shape of an elegant feeder made of teak. The roof with its curved dormers is made of powder-coated stainless steel. Inside, there is a feeding column made of synthetic material, and the drawer is pulled out together with the entire façade.

Birdhouse Villa

Cavo Lounge furniture

Haven on an open stage: between natural scenery, in furniture landscapes or in front of garden architecture, a top-class ensemble waits to indulge a discerning audience. Seductively comfortable designer furniture merges fascinating contrasts and textures, and also in solo mode, shows off its unique features.


NEWHAVEN Rocking Chair Two-Seater

The proven qualities of Garpa’s garden seat and rocking chair combined.The two-seater is perfect for enjoying cosy comfort side by side. Newhaven pampers with a shoulder-high backrest and an especially deep seat.


Valencia Lounge Coffee Table

Spacious arrangement: modern teak furniture with opulent upholstery offers relaxation in a new dimension. The tabletop of the matching low coffee table is made of high-quality, weatherproof teak.

Valencia Coffee Table

COMBO Cushions

Shared happiness: Set individual accents with our cushions filled with high-quality natural feathers. They match our upholstery and can be combined to create harmonious effects.


TABLE LINEN New collection

The garden table is invitingly set. Table linen with a soft sheen woven in a traditional Italian manufacture and exclusively finished in Germany indulges the guests exuding a touch of luxury.


Gleam Table Lamp

The solar table lamp illuminates the evening scenery with a gentle shine. The weatherproof shade in soft grey blends into every setting. 



A gleam in the twilight: glittering lights sprinkle the darkness. The night whispers the story of a thousand and one nights.


FASCINO Mirrors with teak frames

They give rooms a completely new appearance. The mirrors are available in various sizes and formats and can be hung up in either house or garden.


Ronda Marble look

The new round table in the series is distinguished by a top made of high-quality stone ceramic, evocative of veined marble.



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