New prospects for comfort on the terrace: here teak wood is used to great effect in an unconventional way. A stainless steel crosspiece gleams in a supporting role, and comfortable upholstery is already integrated in the design of the armchair.

Benton fixed

Modern armchairs create an easy-going atmosphere. Linear side elements made of teak frame the seat and back upholstery, a stainless-steel crosspiece joins the purist construction providing welcome legroom. The curved bars that seem to hold the seat in airy suspension are also made of stainless steel. A brilliant idea: the connecting piece between the teak frame and upholstery allows the backrest to tilt to a comfortable position.

Benton foldable

Unwinding on the terrace or out and about in the garden. There is no need for restraint with flexible companions. In this version Benton displays agility – the stainless-steel crosspiece is a subtle interpretation of the folding mechanism. The armchairs are locked with slender handles on the side of the seats; folded up, the chairs take up very little space. Teak side elements and stainless-steel crosspiece also distinguish the design of the solid tables with slats smoothly rounded on the underside.



MINIMAL ART for the front row seats

As if in a panoramic cinema: on a lakeside terrace, in the middle of private natural scenery, lounge furniture displays its qualities in a film-like presentation – for an unconventional, discerning audience.

Benton Lounge

Enjoy leisure and the view, put your feet up, immerse yourself in a book – the agenda is exceptionally comfortable: fixed armchairs and footstools in a minimalistic design create a new lightness. Extra wide and comfortably deep, they are a seduction to relaxation while matching side tables are ready to hand with snacks and fine reads. Perfect details catch the eye – the corners of the teak side elements are softly rounded, the distinctive stainless-steel crosspiece provides comfortable legroom. The quilted polymer fabric of seat and backrest dries very quickly after a shower of rain.

The ease of summer

Benton Bar Furniture

They invite not only to an aperitif: bar stools made of teak, stainless steel and modern fabrics stand ready for a breakfast for two, appear at the garden party right on cue, and are the ideal choice for a balcony scene. A short rest supports the back and on the stainless-steel bar between the teak side elements, there is ideal foot space. Up to four bar stools can be positioned around a square table with a tall stainless steel frame and teak top with pleasantly rounded edges.

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