Smooth warm teak wood and the cool shimmer of synthetic resin make a handsome pair – merged in straight-lined cushion chests that fulfil all the requirements a discerning owner might have.

Aven Cushion Chest

On the outside slightly less wide and deep than the Garpa classic made of teak, inside as roomy as ever: the weatherproof chest with teak frame and synthetic resin corpus, although taking up little space itself, has plenty of room for the upholstery of six chairs and two loungers, as well as diverse feather cushions and plaids. The sophisticated construction guarantees a uniform airflow; a gas pressure spring enables easy and smooth opening and closing. Attractive detail: the lid insert made of naturally structured, grey synthetic resin is slightly raised.

Aven Chest Seat

Unconventional construction: the combination of a supporting frame made of warm-hued teak and intervening  panels made of synthetic resin with the appearance of grey stone tells an entirely new story. The surfaces have a light, natural-looking finish. The slightly lower lid and matching cushions ensure comfortable sitting. Perfect  ventilation, reliable protection from moisture, a gas pressure spring for effortless operation, and a practical locking mechanism – the storage furniture for cushions and accessories has everything that a versatile chest requires.

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